PS to my photo in "where in Greece"

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PS to my photo in "where in Greece"

Post by stoupaduck on Tue Jul 13, 2010 9:59 pm

Zakynthos was the first place in Greece where we took our two boys. My parents came with us and we had two studio appartments next to each other - we had Andrew with us on one camp bed and my Mum and Dad had Michael with them on another camp bed. We soon got into a routine where after dinner and sometimes a drink on the way back, we'd get the boys settled down, and my Mum would turn in too. My Dad would then join Chris and I on our balcony where we would sit and chatter till the small hours and demolish a few beers.

When we were all ready to crash out my Dad (who was 70 at the time) would pop out of our appartment, out through the front door and then climb over the balcony into his own appartment so as not to disturb anyone. One night as he was in the act of climbing over the balcony a group of lads happened to be passing and got completely the wrong end of the stick thinking he was climbing into an appartment to "meet a friend" - cue much raucous laughter and shouts of "go for it Grandad you're putting us all to shame"

Fortunately my Mum remained asleep.
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Re: PS to my photo in "where in Greece"

Post by nickandchris on Tue Jul 13, 2010 10:18 pm

Those were the days, (as Mary Hopkin put it.)Zakynthos was one of our earlier destinations, 1983 & 84. We had some extremely drunken evenings in Alykes, yes, those definitely were the days!!

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